VIE Fashion Week Coming Soon In Dubai

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Vie Fashion Week presented by Akhil & Aiswarya, from renowned fashion house, A Square London, will be making history at one of the top fashion hubs in the world in Dubai 2018. The Dubai fashion industry will witness a fashion extravaganza with over 30 international designers, showcasing their elegant collections in a vibrant fashion runway ever. International beauty pageants and models from across the globe will also be in attendance to the VIE Fashion Week.

The fashion week founded by fashion designing couple Akhil & Aiswarya, studied fashion studies in London and shortly started their fashion empire, A Square London in 2013, a UK registered fashion organization. The company first launched the Vie Fashion Week in India with a star-studded line up of international designers, beauty queens, and models.

Akhil & Aiswarya have done numerous fashion shows around London, UAE, and India. The couple has also starred in a fashion reality show in Kerala, India for a national Television broadcaster in 2016.


Meet the team

An international team has been put together to put on this amazing fashion week, such as our model scout Mr. Darren Aurelius Imossi from Imossi Model Management in London  (UK). Mr.Imossi is an international model and actor with years of experience in the fashion industry. His model agency has been supplying models to many international fashion weeks and shows around the globe

Mr. Jaimal Mistry from Jai Mantra Label, who has worked In London, UAE and the Indian fashion industry for over 10 years, he has worked with well-renowned beauty queens and actors such as, Susmita Sen, and Miss Universe, and many other actors and fashion icons.

Mr. Jude Felix, JF International, is a renowned Indian Fashion Choreographer with over 15 years of experience in one of the biggest fashion industry in the world, India. He has worked with almost all high-end Designers and top end models in Indian fashion industry.

Designers at the launch of VFW

VFW launch was a huge success with international designers from around the world. Internationally renowned designers such as Mona Al Mansouri (UAE), who is the first Emirate Fashion designer and the winner of thebest fashion designer in Asia 2014. She has showcased her haute couture in almost all fashion hubs in the world.

Honee Persona from the US has shown her collections at numerous fashion shows such as New York and London Fashion Week in 2017. Her collections amazed our guests at VFW 2017. She has received an awesome response from the media and fashionistas from South India.

Fashion Oscar award winner, Mr. Ivan Donev from Italy, showcased his cultural based collections as well and got an excellent feedback from viewers around the globe.

One of the top Fashion Designers in India, Ms. Asmita Marwa, showcased her Brunch collections at VFW. Asmita Marwa is always a top choice for young fashion lovers in across India.

Top designer to Bollywood industry and a Royal designer, Mr. Digvijay Singh, amazed fashion attendees with his Indian Art and embroidery works on his Royal collections.

Finally, Akhil & Aiswarya, from A-Square London was supporting Grameen, anything from Village, to showcase early decades of Kerala designs on traditional sarees.

VFW launch was highlighted with one of the biggest fashion runways ever in India, 150 X 20 Feet in size. This excellent runway created a buzz in the South Indian Fashion scene, with a huge set up of 55,000 square feet. International designers were really happy with the huge setup from the runway to the Production. They said ‘’we’ve never done this kind of a show with such high standards of delivery before’’ 

VFW launch had international beauty pageants from across the globe which include 

  • Miss. England 2015 – Miss. Natasha Hemmings
  • Miss. England 2016 – Miss. Elizabeth Grant
  • Mr. England 2017 – Mr. Jack Eyers
  • Mr. South End – Mr. Darren Aurelius Imossi
  • Miss. European Tourism – Miss. Lenka Josefiova
  • Miss. World Bikini – Miss. Martina Stetiorova
  • Miss. Rugby UK – Miss. Chloe Mann
  • Miss. Formula One  – Miss. Ayrin

Rests of international models are from London, New York, Milan, Paris and Lakme Fashion Week.

The fashion show was directed and choreographed by two international fashion choreographers from London and India, Mr. Jude Felix,and Mr. Jaimal Mistry. They have more than 15 years of experience in the international fashion industry. VFW launch was televised on Asianet (Star India) globally and the team received excellent feedback from Fashionistas, Designers, and Sponsors from the show and globally.

VFW will support a social issue and promote awareness in the community for each of their projects. In 2017 VFW supported a Charity that was making awareness for Cancer. VFW always supports their associating brands and sponsor in a creative and innovative way to promote their brands and reach a maximum number of clients. One of the main highlights was when the launch of ‘Mahendra Scorpio 4×4 car was driven on the runway at VFW featuring beauty queen Miss England for the first time in India.

VFW will also be targeting young wedding couples and giving them the opportunity to attend the fashion show August, with the intention of widening our market and creating an everlasting signature in the wedding industry. VFW will be creating a magnificent platform for these individuals who are eager to interact with designers, hair and makeup artist and jewelers.

Akhil & Aiswarya, A Square London and their team are focused to conduct Vie Fashion Week in all continents by 2020, and this will be the first fashion week ever in the world to achieve this mission.