The House Poet

The House Poet

This week Mens Stuff Magazine got the chance to interview the Legendary House Poet…

Where did it start?

From early childhood living in London, music was always around me in the family house and that opened my eyes to and heart to the good feeling music gave me.

When I was 10 years old my brother got a pair of 1210s technics and the fascination of seeing him and his friends mixing two records into one blew my mind and I was instantly hooked.

Every day he was out, I was in the room learning, From what I see and it all started then. Every day I practice learning when to drop the track, matching the tempo by ear and when to bring the mix in. Day by day, month by month, year by year I was truly on the way honing my craft and building my skills in the genres that kept coming.

The day the US house sound dropped, I knew this is where I wanted to be. The sounds of house music took me to a different level. The love of the riff, the driving bass lines and the drums and breaks, wow this was the moment I felt the euphoria of music.

I start to get myself out there playing on many pirate radio station, house parties, pubs, bars and any place I could just play my music.
I remember going to cafe de Paris with my friend who was playing In the vip room at a event and she was smashing it. Next thing they wanted her in the main room to finish the night and for me to take over the vip room and that’s when I got to play my first set in an iconic venue.

Following that I had the privilege of  playing in some of the best clubs and bars  across London including China whites, MOS, Hippodrome, equinox and many more.

I got the opportunity to play on fm radio in Bedfordshire and held regularly weekday and evening shows for 5+ years playing genres from rare grooves, reggae, garage, soulful house and more.
My love for house music would always take first place and that when I created the “house under arrest show” under the name SoulFunkyBeats and “it’s my house shows” under the the name ManFromEast  bring the soulful and deep house sound the listeners.

This has helped me a build a new family of friends who share that feeling for the sounds and playing at some amazing nights at the herd Bedford  and third place alongside some outstanding djs.
Also I’ve created my own nights Od7 presents creating soulful house night, recently with an all ladies line up which went down very well.

One Highlight of last year was playing at two big festivals, playing music to over 100000 people across the weekend and hosting on the main stage.

This year I’m looking so forward to bringing my sound and feeling to house fm.Net listeners under my new alias “The House Poet” and my new show “Parrelles of House Show” and I  feel very privileged to be part of a team of djs I’ve watched growing up and who have  inspired me on this journey of music and now I’m here on the leading house station in the world its truly amazing.

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