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Dolly Doo Rag Doll – Eve 19 Inch Doll


Dolly Doo Rag Doll – Eve 19 Inch Doll

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Our Dolly Doo Christmas Rag Doll is 19 inches in height and dressed in a beautiful red cord dress with a white ribbon trim and tartan underskirt. Her collar has silver embellishments and an embroidered Santa Claus on the front of the dress. She has soft and cozy red boots with a furry trim and a beautiful red and silver headband.

“Hello there. My name is Eve. Can you guess why I was named Eve?
If I told you that Christmas was my favourite time of year, would that help? Aha… well done. I was born on Christmas Eve! Do you celebrate Christmas? I‘m very artistic and I love doing arts and crafts, especially around Christmas time. I like to draw and paint my own Christmas cards to send to my family and friends and at school, we make pretty decorations for our tree. I love drawing different patterns and sometimes I even design dresses for my dolls to wear. Maybe I’ll be a fashion designer when I grow up. What would you like to be when you grow up? I’m so excited to meet you! I just know that we will be friends for a very long time”.



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