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Dolly Doo Rag Doll – Ella Rose 19 Inch Doll


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“Hello! – I’m Ella-Rose. I’ve just been busy, feeding the hens in our yard. Do you like animals? I LOVE animals and I’m very lucky because I live on a farm with lots of animals on it. We have cows and sheep and yes, the funny hens. We have a big, cuddly dog too, called Patch. Patch is very clever. I think he might be the cleverest dog ever born. Do you have a dog? After school, I love to go to the playground. My Nana always brings me. Sometimes, she even swings with me and goes really high. That makes us laugh out loud. She hasn’t tried the zip-line yet though, but I keep asking her to. Do you have a ‘super-gran’ like me? I’m so glad you and I are going to be friends”.



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