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Create Your Own 3D Pet Experience



Love your pet? How about a statue that is an exact replica of your furry friend? Using state of the art scanning technology instantly capture your pet in 3D. Next, the captured image is then printed in 3D full colour, in a plaster like material. The pet only needs to sit still long enough to have a photograph captured, although maybe bring a treat to bribe them with! The model will be ready in only 14 short days. This experience is fun, fast and unique!


Seven days a week throughout the year, excluding the Christmas and New Year period.


Lasts for up to a maximum of one hour (the actual scanning takes only a second). Sessions run from 11am – 6pm.

Numbers On Day:
This experience is exclusive to one pet and a professional 3D printing team.

Family and friends are welcome to come along and watch and receive a 10 per cent discount to create their own 3D twin (of a pet or of a person).

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Other Info:
Please note, there may be additional charges for any props for your pet, as they have to be created separately.



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