Sexercise Yourself Slim

Sexercise Yourself Slim

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What’s Sexercise? Well basically mix fitness and sex together then that’s what you get. Not only is Sexercise great! It’s healthy, fun and brings you closer together as a couple. Why not mix two parts of our everyday lives together to make losing the extra pound’s more fun. We all see lots of Instagram models posting those incredibly fit pictures and videos online and we wish we had that body too! But this can be easier to achieve than just running on a treadmill 6 days a week.

Each week you get strengthening exercise to learn to target the muscle groups used for each sexercise. As the weeks progress the sexercise get more energized. The website consists of video tutorials in how too, mid-week vlogs, before & after videos and more…

Charlotte Rose and Colin Chapman are both well known in their respective fields within the adult industry. Charlotte having numerous roles in the adult industry since 1997 and now more recently as a sexual trainer and adult radio show host with Colin beside her. They have been comfortable and absolutely brilliant to share their story over a 6-week period giving you a course on which you can build your libido and lose extra pounds in the process!

“Sexercise has not only been a great way to lose over a stone in weight, but has made being a couple more interesting, it has made us closer. I don’t want a beach body per se, however I have lost 19.5 inches over my body, and I feel amazing” Charlotte rose. 

Colin said “For me personally I am stone lighter, 14 inches thinner, more muscular, lost 10% body fat and sleep quality is much better”. For Colin and Charlotte founders of Sexercise this challenge has brought out the fun, serious, crazy and beautiful side of their relationship.
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