PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds reaches 8 million copies sold

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It keeps getting better and better for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground since it hit Early Access on PC in March, as the game reaches the 8 million mark, and a highest peak player count standing at 700,000 players. Brendan Greene, creator of the ‘Battle Royale’ game confirmed the incredible news at the Xbox Gamescom show last night, attributing the success to the fact the game was ‘very basic’, and that having no rules or a set way to play was the key to drawing people to it. It really is the most simple life or death fight; find a weapon and then survive.

Battlegrounds is currently second only to DOTA 2 in terms of concurrent peak player count; 699,231 for Battlegrounds compared to 876,395 for DOTA 2. If this success continues however, it could very well take top spot, and take the crown for the most popular game on Steam.

It doesn’t end there though, as Greene also went on to reveal that Microsoft Studios will be publishing the Xbox One version of the game later this year. This is huge news for the platform, and arguably a much needed win in pulling over players to the console, and keeping existing players happy at the same time.

The question of exclusivity does still remain however, and could in fact be akin to the timed exclusivity Rise of the Tomb Raider had on Xbox before eventually hitting the PlayStation 4 a year later. Regardless, given the success the game is seeing right now, and the sheer number of console players eager to get their hands on the game, it will no doubt be a huge win for Xbox, and massively boost sales from players wanting to get into the action now rather than later.