Overwatch Anniversary Event

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On Wednesday May 17, 2017 Blizzard officially announced the Overwatch Anniversary Event titled: Overwatch: Year One, which started this week and will end on Monday June 12th. This new event includes new skins, voice-lines, emotes, and new Arena Mode maps to sit beside Eco-point: Antarctica.

Characters getting skins include Bastion, Soldier: 76, Pharah, and Zarya. Bastions new skin looks to be an industrialised version of the once killer robot with heavy emphasis on orange. Soldier 76 looks to be getting a cybernetics enhancement to his body. Pharah looks to be getting a slightly militarised suit and is wearing a headdress under her usual helmet. Zarya is getting a pink and white armoured suit along with a helmet of the same colour scheme.Overwatch 1

Those getting voice-lines include Winston, Soldier: 76, Symmetra, Reinhardt, McCree, Roadhog, and Lucio.
Winston says “It’s my time to shine”; I’m personally not sure why he says this but feel free to enlighten me as to why, but if I had to guess it’s because he is usually shown on the technical end of things in the animated shorts, which we can also expect more of.
Soldier: 76 says “I’m not your father” which might be a nod to the fandom of him being a father figure to D.Va (Hana Song) like Blizzard did with her ‘Game On’ emote that I spent 1000 Credits on…worth it! Symmetra gives a small chuckle and says “Setting up the car-wash” which can be assumed has to do with her sentry turrets. Reinhart yells “Ha! Honor! Justice! Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt! Ha-ha!” a nod to his knightly personality. McCree says “Next rounds on me” because he is supposed to be a cowboy and what cowboy doesn’t go to a saloon with is team? Roadhog says “I’m going hog-wild!” and I’m guessing the only thing that has to do with him is his character. Lucio says “Have some Luci-oh-ohs!” which is either a new cereal or… no I’m not sure what else it could be. Overwatch 5 temple

The sneak peeks of the new maps were quite telling. We see a temple, a misty forest and a fort courtyard; the temple is a hideout of Ana Amari, the dark and mysterious forest shows a battlefield covered with wrecked Bastion units, and the old fort is home to Sombra’s hacking den. Saving the best for last are the emotes. First things first, all the ones shown look to be exclusively dance related. Those shown include Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta. Sombra, who was shown the longest, looks to be doing a Mexican style dance showing off her heritage and sick moves. Lucio is doing a breakdance that goes everywhere from side to side, on the ground, and even a half split. Symmetra looks to be doing an Indian belly dance. Zenyatta dances using his orbs to make shapes around his body ending in a calming circle.Overwatch 5 courtyard

I’ve been playing the event since it started on Tuesday; I’ve tried all the arcade modes and, if not entirely new, all but two have been at least been edited. My personal favourite in order to get the weekly 3 boxes is the duel. In the ‘duel’, it is a 1v1 battle with the same character trying to win 5 duels over your opponent. I’m not the greatest in big battles, but even here I have a good chance. In the new update however it is now called ‘limited duel’ which has all the same rules except now both players get the choice of three, of the same, random characters not including Lucio. This is the go-to mode for loot boxes.

Another edited mode is the ‘Lockout Elimination’. The original ‘elimination’ was a 3v3 battle with the first team to achieve 3 wins being the victor. In ‘Lockout Elimination’ it has the same rules except the Winning heroes are locked from use. In the mode ‘Total Mayhem’ two teams of 6 fight to complete the objective. Heroes now have 200% of their original health. There is also now 150% ultimate load-up. And abilities now cooldown 75% faster. ‘Capture the Flag’, which was added last event, and the classic ‘Mystery Heroes’ remain the same.Overwatch 2

In other news, The 4th season will soon be coming to an end, and Free to Play weekend will start today, Friday May 26th ending on Monday May 29th, so if you have yet to pick up a copy you can try out the game and if you play on Xbox One you just might see me there. Overwatch will also release Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition to replace Origins. Everything included in the Origins Edition will also be in the new version however buyers will also be getting 10 free loot boxes.

You can follow this link to the Overwatch site to see everything for yourselves! https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/events/anniversary/