Lambo Squad takes over the Ace Cafe

Lambo Squad takes over the Ace Cafe

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Picture the scene: it is 6 pm on a balmy Sunday evening in North West London, after two weeks of very British wet summer the sun has made a reappearance and it finally feels like August  again, you approach the world-renowned biker bar, The Ace Cafe and see a multitude of gleaming motorbikes amidst a sea of leather and studs. Inside the famous cafe, bikers sit around, eating, talking quietly, a more subdued atmosphere than you had expected. But what’s this? There’s definitely a flurry of movement and the distinct hum of excitement in the air as outside, a group of people start forming; some wearing hi-vis jackets, others carrying hundreds of pounds worth of camera equipment.

The patrons of the cafe, both inside and sitting out in the glorious evening sunshine, start to gaze around, what is this activity starting to happen on the forecourt? Then from down the road you start to hear the gentle hum of engines, this hum increases, the sound reverberated off the concrete flyover as the Lamborghinis passed underneath, the throbbing beat of supercar power coming ever nearer as the cars in question approach the cafe, the rhythmic beat of immense horsepower vibrating through the ground, which seems to shake as they come down the road, until you can feel it through your very soul.

Within an hour the motorbikes you would usually expect to see in residence on the tarmac are replaced by supercars in a multitude of marquees and colour ways. Ferruccio Lamborghini himself would have been impressed by the rainbow display of Italian motoring excellence, from the gloriously golden Bentley to Mr #petrolheadonism Ciro’s Rosso red Ferrari 328ts via Tony Borgia’s Cadbury wrapper purple Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. The excitement was increased by the fire spitting engines of the Nissan GTR’s, the prancing Ferrari steads showing fine form and the masterful McLaren masters of motoring.

This scene I am describing is the outcome of the illustrious collaboration between the Lambo Squad, Chig Patel, R.U.K Technology and Men’s Stuff Magazine, with sponsorship from The Daily Sport. On Sunday 13th August the Ace Cafe was taken over by the elite and I’m sure the entire North Circular could hear it.

As the beautiful August sunlight continued into the evening the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentley’s and Rolls Royce were all on show for the growing number of supercar spotters and photographers meandering between them. The UK Glamour Awards came down to join the party and an impromptu photo shoot proceeded to take place, lit by headlights, the beautiful glamour girls could be seen acting out the fantasies of many as they lounged in the cars and over the bikes. The DJ, who had his equipment based in a Land Rover, set a musical accompaniment to the loud score the revving cars and bikes were already playing, building together to form a crescendo of musical prowess that any orchestra would be proud of, if they used Lambo throttles in their arrangement.

This event was the amalgamation of weeks of organisation by the team involved and their attention to detail was evident in the execution. You could see from the excited gazes of everyone there just how well the event had been received.

By Lena Hedges