John Wick 2 Official Trailer 2017

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Keanu Reeves is back as the phenomenal assassin John Wick. The premise is relatively simple. A former colleague plans to take over the assassins guild for the purposes of evil and John is compelled to intervene and puts his dreams of retirement to one side whilst he deals with the matters at hand.

This time John finds himself in Rome where he will face some of the most dangerous killers that he has ever encountered.

Rome is a city of great beauty and wonder and makes for a fantastically epic location for this movie. The film seems to possess all the great elements of a good action movie – a hard as nails hitman, epic car chases and numerous scenes of Wick pulling out an arsenal of weaponry to bring down his mortal enemy.


Here at Mens Stuff Approved we loved the first movie. Admittedly Keanu Reeves does seem a little expressionless and as if he’s had every facial muscle injected with botox…but that really seems to work for his role as John Wick and we found the movie thoroughly entertaining. We were completely gripped from the first scene and unable to tear our eyes away from the screen.

The trailer for number 2 actually looks even better and seems to be higher budget so this looks like one for your hotlist!


By Karen Bridle