Interview With Superstar DJ Chelsea Singh

Interview With Superstar DJ Chelsea Singh

This week we were lucky enough to interview the legendary superstar DJ & Producer Chelsea Singh at his luxury pad in the in the heart of Chelsea London.

Q: How did your DJ career start?

A: I used to sneak into clubs before I turned 18, blagging my way in. My first club experience, I suppose like many, was the Ministry of Sound. As a youngster it’s where everybody wants to party. So the first time I actually got into the Club and heard the sound, the bass, the music, the piano riffs back then with great vocals I was instantly hooked.

“I knew instantly that music was going to be a huge part of my life.”

Q: Do you remember your first DJ set?
A: Yes I do. Clearly, very clearly. And there is a good reason why I will never forget that. It was way back in the 90s in a club called Crazy Larry’s in Chelsea. I blagged a DJ set from the resident DJ at the time. After pestering him for weeks I finally got the opportunity to get on the decks disaster struck!! My mixing was so bad I couldn’t mix a cake, let along DJ. After the first ten minutes I got thrown out of the club. It was a complete joke. (He says whilst laughing) So I saved up some money and bought a pair of technics SL1210 decks and started to practice at home, of course back then it was all vinyl. Basically, I was self-taught.

Q: What does your typical day consist of?
A: I get up around 8 o’clock, rock out of bed. Start jotting down some ideas for my new tracks. Sometimes I wake up at 4 am and have a great idea. After breakfast I would head down to the recording studio to lay down these ideas for a new song. Then in the evening I would normally go through some promos and select music for my upcoming DJ sets. Most of my weekends, certainly for this year, are now fully booked with DJ sets across the country and abroad.

Q: Your career seems to have really blown up in the last year or so. You basically exploded back on to the scene, tell us about that?
A: Well for those who don’t know, I used to DJ some 20 years ago before I went into business and gave up DJing. So, I’m not new into the game. Back then I used to play at the Ministry of Sound, The Cross, Bagleys, Limelight, Velvet Underground to name but a few. I played with the likes of Carl Cox, Boy George and many others back in the days. Last year I started playing back in the clubs again and things have gone really mental. This year I have played and headlined most events. Bookings have been coming in thick and fast here in the UK and abroad. Yes, you are right, things have really taken off this year.

Q: Tell us about a few of the clubs you’ve played at and your upcoming events?
A: Here we go, this list is so long that I’m only going to mention a few. I’ve played in Ibiza at the Bali Beach Club and Ocean Beach. This year I played in Tenerife at the Love Ibiza Boat Party, played at McQueens nightclub, played for Resonate in East London, back there again for November and many boat parties on the River Thames. Played in Halifax for Rock Star parties. And lets not forget MINISTRY OF SOUND, Chelsea Singh played in Ministry Of Sound with MAFF Boothroyd, and recently was headliner there at the massive Ministry halloween special for Somn’thing Records.


I will be headlining the Salford Winter Festival in Manchester where I will be playing in the main arena as well as in the rise up and rave tent. In the same month I’m also playing at the Ministry of Sound. The week after I’m in Brighton at Zahara nightclub. And in November I’m back in Brighton playing at a new club called Liberty. Date for Liberty to be confirmed next week. In January I’m booked for my South American tour where I will be playing in Peru for the Organica Festival. From there I head on to Brazil to play with Carlos Francisco. Next stop Uruguay followed by Chile and Argentina to be confirmed. There are just too many nights booked, I won’t bore you with the rest, just follow my Facebook, Twitteror Instagram to keep track of my gigs. I’m currently playing in various nightclubs in Sweden. Bookings also being confirmed in Poland, Romania and India. My mate Tom Zanetti has opened up one of the sickest clubs up north where all the celebrities and cool cats hang out. It’s the place to be seen in Leeds. It’s called the Dollhouse, that’s one club I’m really looking forward to playing in later this year.

Q: We’ve heard you’re about to release some tracks in the upcoming months, tell us about that?
A: Yes that’s true. The first track should be out towards the end of October on promo and on general release in November. The track is called Sarangi which I produced with good friend Andy Gallea. That’s coming out on Sure Player Recordings on Worldwide release across all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Traxsource and Beatport. I’ve been very busy, fully booked for the next three months in recording studios which will see the release of six new tracks in 2020. Exciting times!

Q: Tell us something we don’t know, an exclusive or two.
A: Actually, let me give you a few exclusives. Just got off the phone to one of my all-time favourite DJs, the legend that is Jumping Jack Frost. He’s very busy at the moment writing up his new album but we have decided to collaborate on some tracks in the very near future when we both have a bit of spare time. Can’t wait! Second exclusive; the brand Hectik Events, huge in the UK and in Ibiza already. I’m now bringing Hectik to London and the South of the UK. I can now reveal after negotiations, I have partnered up with Anthony Cookie and Matt Boothroyd to bring this exclusive brand to London. Having played for a few radio stations, Flex FM and Centreforce Radio, I can now confirm, starting the 30 th October 2019, I have my new residency at London’s best dance music station Select Radio every Wednesday 8-10am.

Q: What’s your favourite all time track?
A: Well me ol’mucker, there’s too many tracks I love. That’s a hard one. But if I had to name one it’d be an old skool track Dream 17 by Anette, proper banger!

Q: One last question. CDJs or vinyl?
A: Hahahahaha is that even a question? Vinyl all the way. Remember I started DJing on vinyl so will always have the love for that.

To a very dear friend of mine, top DJ James Mclaughlin, thank you brother for all your support on my way up! #notforgotten


Facebook: @DJ Chelsea Singh
Twitter: @Chelsea_Singh_
Instagram: @ChelseaSinghLondon

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