Monster Truck Back Flips

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This stunt man possesses incredible driving skills. The truck is pretty immense and therefore not the easiest of vehicles to handle. However he performs jumps and flips with amazing accuracy and confidence. Some of these moves we have seen before … Continued

Cop Pranks

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These pranksters have balls of steel! This compilation largely consists of pranksters playing pranks on unsuspecting cops. The thing is with this kind of prank as the outcome largely depends on how natured the cop in question is and whether … Continued

Bikes And Buts

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We’re not really sure how this became a trend but we are most definitely glad that it did! In these videos you will see some sights that are absolutely amazing zipping through the streets – oh and the jiggling butts are pretty cool … Continued

Drag Racing

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McLaren P1 VS LaFerrari VS 918 Spyder Check out out this latest uber cool Drag Racing video showcasing The 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 VS LaFerrari! These three amazing hyper cars were pit against each other in Bruntingthorpe where they were filmed accelerating from … Continued