Supercar Show Off Fails

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This video is abject madness! It reveals all kinds of driving fails, near misses, full on crashes and even a driver of a yellow Lambo who abused the accelerator to such a level it began smoking and burst into flames. … Continued

Monster Truck Back Flips

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This stunt man possesses incredible driving skills. The truck is pretty immense and therefore not the easiest of vehicles to handle. However he performs jumps and flips with amazing accuracy and confidence. Some of these moves we have seen before … Continued

Fill Pump and Grind

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Marquese Scott can turn a visit to a petrol station in a dazzling performance. The 35 year old popping dancer knows how to move and flows from step to step with perfect ease. He was first inspired to dance when … Continued

Shampoo Prank

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Hooman Tv plays another prank on unsuspecting members of the public. Hooman waits for beach goers to head off to the public outdoor showers then picks an opportune moment to pour extra shampoo onto their heads from above as they … Continued

Dangerous Machete Prank

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The viral brothers prank each other again. A few points on this one – it’s a wonder that they keep falling for each others pranks still! Secondly we deem this a very dangerous prank. Brother 1 uses props to make … Continued

Crazy People Cheating Death

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Crazy People Cheating Death  – these guys managing to dodge the Grim Reaper! Wow! The extreme challenges in this video may seem like amazing or  spectacular performances to some, although here at MensStuff we would prefer to go with the word ludicrous! … Continued

Borat’s Guide to Britain

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Cohen has a genius mind and here at MensStuffApproved we will never tire of his work! Borat is a legendary character from the fictional country of Kazakhstan. Cohen plays a character that is not very well educated in the ways of … Continued

BMX Amazing Stunts

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Check out this video of BMX rider Tim Knoll performing some incredible moves on his BMX in Berlin. Knoll handles the bike with unfathomable expertise and great skill. We were mesmerised 10 seconds into the video as he rides only on … Continued

Ice Cube Driving Lesson

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We love this brilliant video recently shown on the Conan O Brien show. Student driver Diana Chang has the pleasure of enjoying a drive lesson with chat show host Conan. Conan has us laughing our socks off as he gives … Continued

Battle Drift

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Vaughn Gittin Jr sets up on an epic journey across Japan in a 550 HP 5.0L V-8 Mustang RTR in a race against Daido Saito in a 650 HP V-12 Drift Lamborghini made by Phat Five racing and Liberty Walk. They race … Continued

Drag Racing

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McLaren P1 VS LaFerrari VS 918 Spyder Check out out this latest uber cool Drag Racing video showcasing The 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 VS LaFerrari! These three amazing hyper cars were pit against each other in Bruntingthorpe where they were filmed accelerating from … Continued