Maxim and A-Audio

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These Maxim and A-Audio wireless headphones are for the discerning gentlemen that enjoys a touch of class! Inspired by classic cars they combine beautiful leather and chrome plate and the headband is quilted to ensure that optimum comfort is enjoyed by the wearer. … Continued

Ripsaw EV2 Tank

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This luxurious hand built limited edition super tank has been designed for civillians and those seeking high octane off road adventure! This extreme vehicle was originally created for military purposes and not only has it gained recognition in magazines such … Continued

360 Fly Video

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Enjoy this wicked this video! Film your adventures from every angle and share! This 360 Fly may look like a small orb but it’s capabilities are far greater than you could ever possibly imagine. This tiny, neat device is actually … Continued


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AirBar is the coolest new gadget for your PC. Want to be able to use your PC just like a touchscreen? Well, now you can with this handy little device. The device uses lasers to detective your hand moves and … Continued

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