Geostorm – (Official Teaser)

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Geostorm is the latest American disaster movie starring Gerard Butler and Andy Garcia. The world is in imminent danger from satellites which control climate malfunction, causing pods to escape which will unleash havoc upon the Earth.  At first glance it doesn’t … Continued

In The Ghost Shell (Official Trailer 2017)

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Ghost In The Shall is written by Paramount Pictures and based on the Japanese manga sharing the same title. Anti-terrorist soldier (Scarlett Johansson) and her team work to bring down criminals and dangerous computer hackers. Johansson is a cyborg created to defeat … Continued

Aftermath (Official Trailer 2017 )

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Aftermath, an American Drama Thriller is based on the Überlingen plane collision and the homicide of air traffic controller Peter Nielsen whom the victims family held responsible. When Roman discovers that he has lost his wife and his pregnant daughter in … Continued

Dunkirk Official Trailer (2017)

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Dunkirk is based on the Dunkirk evacuation during the 2nd World War. Many locations in the movie were where actual events took place As enemy troops swoop in on British and allied forces, dangers looms and the soldiers prepare for battle. … Continued

The House (Official Trailer)

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A desperate father (Will Ferrel) discovers that he is in the red and unable to afford his daughters university education. With nowhere to turn he stumbles upon a hair brained scheme of opening up an illegal casino in his basement … Continued


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The giant starship Avalon is bound for Homestead II and carrying aboard 5000 passengers who are sleeping in incubation pods in a deep state of stasis. When the ship is hit during an asteroid storm one of the pods malfunctions … Continued

Star Wars Episode VIII Revealed

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Star Wars fanatics will be delighted to hear that the new name for the forthcoming Star Wars movie has revealed today and it is…DRUM ROLL…. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Directed and written by Rian Johnson – executive producers Tom Karnowski, Jason McGatlin … Continued

Chips Official Trailer (2017)

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The old 1980’s series Chips has been revived and adapted into a film. The plot still circles around two cops on the road but this time round it’s been injected with humour and made into a comedy. Two motorcycle cops … Continued

THE MUMMY Official Trailer 2017

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If you enjoy this trailer then check out the extra one at the bottom of this page !! Those pesky archaeologists never learn do they? Whilst excavating on an expedition in in Egypt, a team of palaeontologists stumble across an ancient … Continued

Doctor Strange

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We have just watched the trailer for Dr Strange and have been marvelling over the cinematography (no pun intended). It’s a visual feast for the eyes and takes you on a journey through dazzling city scapes, beautiful islands and seemingly … Continued


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Guardians is a Russian superhero movie set to hit the box offices in 2017. The film follows a group of soviet superhero soldiers who were constructed in the Cold War by mutating their DNA. Each super hero possess different skills … Continued

Blood Father

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The action thriller movie Blood Father features Mel Gibson as the protagonist.  Gibson plays an ex criminal who discovers that his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years is being hunted down by a gang of blood thirsty drug dealers … Continued

Eyes In The Sky

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This gripping action film features some real stars. Amongst the list is the legendary Helen Mirren, Bafta winning ‘Best Actor’ Alan Rickman and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. With such a great line up this is set to be a real … Continued

Lights Out

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This paranormal horror is seriously creepy! If you have a taste for spine tingling psychological scare-fests then you will love this! Lights Out combines all the very best elements of chilling hilling horror in a method that is superbly executed. … Continued

The Masked Saint

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The Masked Saint is a biographical drama and follows former professional wrestler Chris Samuels. Longing for a little stability Samuels moves to a quiet village with his family where he becomes a peaceful pastor. However it’s not long before a … Continued

Finding Dory

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Pixar is back and Finding Dory the sequel to Finding Nemo looks extremely promising. If you are big kids at heart like us then Finding Dory will take you back to your childhood, into a world of fantasy where anything is … Continued

The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book has been revamped to bring us a more energetic version of events. This time round the movie is directed by Jon Favreau Director of Ironman and features an impressive cast which includes The original Ghostbusters Bill Murray, … Continued

Hardcore Henry

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This sci-fi action movie is shot in the first person from the protagonists point of view. When Henry is at deaths door he is resurrected as an autonetic soldier who has lost his memory. He then becomes embroiled in a … Continued

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

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The teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return for an another adventure in the latest movie ‘Out Of The Shadows’. We weren’t massively impressed by the first movie although it was a big hit with the kids and saw turtle mania taking … Continued

Assassins Creed

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Assassins Creed, formerly a computer game is set to grace our screens on 30th December 2016. The plot follows the protagonist played by Michael Fassbender who finds himself kidnapped a secret organisation. He then comes to discover a great secret … Continued

The Big Short

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The Big Short Enjoy the trailer! This American comedy drama directed by Adam McKay is based on the 2010 biographical book The Big Short and it’s been nominated for five awards including ‘Best Director’ ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Best Adapted Screenplay’ and … Continued

Ip Man 3

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The much awaited Ip man three has finally arrived to grace our screens! If the third of the trilogy is anywhere near as good as Ip man 1 and 2 then  this is set to be a real blinder! The … Continued


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2016 is set to bring us many incredible Marvel films, with Deadpool being one of the most original ideas. The latest film turns everything you think you might know about superheroes on it’s head and we are introduced to the … Continued

X-Men Apocalypse

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Marvel’s X-Men Apocalypse brings us the latest release in the long running series of X-Men Films later this year. When the first ever mutant ApocalypseX-Men Apocalypse arises from a great sleep, he is despaired to see what the world has … Continued