3 Easy Exercises For An IronMan Body

3 Easy Exercises For An IronMan Body

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Lose body fat all over, shrink those moobs and tone your pecs, arms, hamstring and abs all in these 3 exercises. All you need to do to burn maximum fat is perform 6 repetitions of these exercises several times.


Move from a standing positions into a squat with your palms flat on the floor. From this position you need to kick your feet back and keep your arms stretched out. When your feet land, jump back with your feet towards your hands and then finish with jumping in the air.

2. Land, squat and repeat!

Stand straight, your feet should be shoulder width apart.  Bend at the knees and sit back on your hips. Go as low as you possibly can and then reverse the movement. Your back and head should be straight throughout the entire procedure.



3. Press-up

The press up is one of the best exercises for overall tone and fitness and will work every part of your body.

Support your weight between your hands and toes. Your hands should be beneath your shoulders and your body should be straight, not arched or dipping.

Lower yourself to the floor leaving and inch gap and repeat. Do 6 reps and repeat between 5 and ten times for maximum effect!

If you do these three exercises daily you will have abs of steel in no time! It’s all you need for the perfect summer body and no need for pricey gym equipment or memberships! What are you waiting for? Go get that summer body and watch the girls fall at their knees!